How metal becomes jewel

16 Dec 2012

To make a metal jewelery, demands a specific process by special artists. If we visit one of 2500 thousands laboratories and observe the main phases of the construction of a jewel we'll notice that the jewel is made by a place of gold that we melt – so we can form it – and how the melt is done. Afterwards due to the artistic part of the jewel construction, there are some phases like the refinement, the polishing in the wheel and finally the "nailing" of the precious stone.

PHASE 1: We take the precious metal-gold – and we melt it by heat and fire in special purex tools that look like a big spoon. When gold becomes a liquid mase we can form it in the shape we like.

PHASE 2: After the metal is cooled and shaped as we wish we put it in a special press-machine and it becomes a metal plate. It's thickness is adjusted by a special regulator in the press cylinders.

PHASE 3: With a special cutter, we cut a piece of metal plate that we'll use to make the jewel (a ring for example). We calculate that the piece of the metal plate is long enough to create a small cylinder.

PHASE 4: We bend the metal plate and we transformed if into a cylinder by calculating its size with the size of the finger that is about to wear it.

PHASE 5: The refinement it's a very important phase of the construction because we erase all the edges of the metal and the final form is finally appeared.

PHASE 6: In the wheel the polishing. A process of smoothing of the jewel that always has to be done with great attention by experienced hands. The jewel is almost ready but without the stone.

PHASE 7: The nailing of the precious stone is the most delicate phase of the construction and the need of experienced artist with special talent is certain. After the nailing the jewel is finally finished.