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When the brilliance of jewels reflects fundamendal principals,like quality, reliability and honesty great bibelots for precious moments are created.Greek jewels, small or big pieces of art; created from creators with inspiration and loving care.

Clocks that wrote history

14 Dec 2012

rologi.jpgThese are many watches Hand-watches even more. That's why it's the only kind of watch that we won't bother. We searched and find the most famous and kind of different watches all over the world. The most famous - Big Ben. One of the most famous watches of the world is Big-Ben the tower –watch in the southeast side of the English Council in London. It's accuracy is famous .It's height reaches 96m and the bell weighting 13 tones, ticks every hour. It's name was actually given by the bell. It was named after Benjamin Hall was chief-administrator in 1858 when it was built. His tower built in Victorian-gothic style, was made after the fire that destroyed the old palace of Westminister in 1834. It is the world's highest tower with four watches and belfry. The four sides of the watch have a seven meter diameter and the bronze minute-hand haw 4 meters length. The sound of the bell is broadcasted live from BBC. The clock started to operate on the 7th of September 1859. Info: • Due to soil anomaly the tower leans to southwest by 220mm. • In the base of every clock , the following phrase is written with golden letters : “God saves our Queen Victoria I”. • When the council is in session a light is on over the clock. • In 2002, Big Ben's bell sounded 101 times before and after Queen's mother funeral. One time for every year of her life.

The biggest –Colgate The biggest octagon clock in the world belongs to a company and more specific to COLGATE. It is placed in the banks of Hudson river in Jersey city, and visible from the western side of Manhantan. The Colgate clock was built in 1924 to replace the previous company clock that was made for the celebration of 100 years of operation in 1906. It's shape is due to an octagon soap that colgate was making at the time. It's surface reaches 700s.m. while the minute-hand 15 meters approximately. It's accuracy in time is in minute and it is believed to be the trade-mark of the city, even though in 80's the company moved out the company moved out the clock stayed in his place until today. Info: • Colgate's clock is appeared for 31 minutes in the movie Inside Man (2006). • It works like all common clocks only that his batteries are huge and rechargeable • The previous clock of 1906 that was replaced from that of 1924 was transported in Indiana and now it is world’s second biggest octagon clock. The most pessimistic…….Doomsday clock The Doomsday Clock –in general speaking the jugdgement's Sciences magazine and Chicago's Univercity. It was used as a cover in the june magazine. It shows how many “minutes” mankind is from a nuclear war disaster. When it first appeared the clock showed midnight, the ground-zero for mankind, and the minute-hand only seven minutes before. For 55 years this clock is a symbol of nuclear danger. The first movement of the clock made on 1949. Then the President of U.S, Harry Trouman, started that a nuclear explosion happened in the Soviet Union and the hand-minute rapidly moved. It showed now three minutes only before midnight. From 2002 until today and after 17 changes in “times” the minute-hand is showing again seven minutes before the end of the world. Info: • The idea belongs to the artist Martyl Langsdorf. The “minus seven” come up just for fun and it wasn't supposed to move. In 1949 it came up just the movement of the minute-hand because the magazine's editors wanted to give a more dramatic role to the clock. • 1991 was the safest year of mankind. Then the watch shaved 17 minutes before the end. On the contrary in 1953 the clock showed two minutes only before midnight because of that year the two great powers tested it is new nuclear weapons. • Today the magazine's administration watches carefully the nuclear tests in North Korea. Accordingly with the political's world reaction and the public opinion it might have to remove the clock's minute hand. • It has inspired many songs from many artists like OZZY OSBOURNE and MAIDEN. The most read: ”Fouco's pendulum” Fouco's pendulum is a book that was written by the Italian nobelist and philosopher, Uberto Eco and published in 1988.He inspired the title by the pendulum that was created by the French physic scientist Leon Fouco in 1851. Fouco experiment with the pendulum to show the earth’s orbit. The pendulum itself existed as mechanism from 1656 when the Dutch Christian Huygens manufactured a clock with pendulum that kept stable pase. That clock showed time by a minute’s accurancy and replaced the mesaionic clocks that decline even some minutes during an hour. As for the book, it’s theme is conspiracy theories during the ages and its constant presence as false religions. A book that made big impression in his time, while it reappeared to the lists of weekly book sales after a similar book was published. That book was DA VINCI CODE. Info: • Fouco's pendulum for many people was “DA VINCI'S CODE FOR THINKING PEOPLE “even though it was written a decade before DA VINCI'S CODE. Nana Ioakeimidou

Greek Jewellery

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  • Neohellenic Jewellery
  • The symbolism of the wedding ring
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mikinaiki-periodos.jpg In the era of Mikinaic civilization 1600-1400 BC there is a big flourish, in citys-states of continental Greece, in metal art (copper, silver tin, gold) and there is a big development of goldsmith and of processing of semi valuable stone (stamp marking) (stonework).

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neoeliniki-periodos18.jpg Jewellery accompanies man at the major stages in his life cycle, such as birth and marriage, as well as at important moments of expressing love. The tradition of silver and goldmithing in Greece is lost in the mists of time. In Greek mythology Hephaestus, god of fire, the "divine smith", appears as the inventa of metal working. In his Olympian forge he fashioned such magnificent works as Achilles shield, Herakles' golden breast-plate, Zeus' scepter and throne, Ariadnes' wedding crown. In the course of 5000 years miniature creations in metd, noble are base, have made their mark on Hellenic civilization.

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veres.jpgThe choice of the wedding ring that will accompany the finger of the right hand forever is a very important case. What is the symbolization of a Wedding ring?? When the wedding ring established as accustom and by whom? First of all we must clearify that an Engagement ring and a Wedding ring is not the same. The engagement ring borned after 13th century when Pope Innokentios. The P declared that it should be a period between the engagement and the marriage.

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vizantini-periodos6.jpg The beginnings of Greek jewellery can be traced back to remote prehistory. Masterpieces of exceptional workmanship and finesse have been found in Crete and on other Aegean islands where the Minoan civilization flourished, while astonishing are the finds from Mycenae, whose civilization succeeded the Minoan and constituted the basis for the development of historical Greek civilization, nurturing the narrative of the Homeric Epic, as well as the literature and iconography of Antiquity.

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